Palestra de David Parnas na USP (Transmissão ao vivo)


daqui a pouco acontece a palestra de David Parnas na USP.

Dia: 26/09/2014
Horário: 13:50 - 16:00

Palestra MAC(26/09/2014)-Software Engineering, Why and What

In the 1960s many scientists and mathematicians who were interested in computers and software observed that software development was a profession that had more in common with Engineering than it did with the fields in which they had been trained. Most of them had mastered a body of knowledge and been taught how to extend that knowledge. They had not been taught how to apply what they had learned when building products that would beused by strangers. Some of them proposed that, in addition to "Computer Science", there was a need for a for a new Engineering discipline called "Software Engineering". Although some critics considered the new field, redundant and superfluous, time has proven that it is needed. Today we depend on Software in the same way that previous generations depended on traditional engineering products. While the early pioneers correctly sensed that a new field was needed, they did not succeed in defining what Software Engineering comprised. More recently, there have been several efforts to identify a "body of knowledge" for Software Engineering. In the opinion of the speaker, none have captured the essence of the field. This talk approaches the subject by focussing on capabilities, i.e. to answer the question "What should a Software Engineer be able to do?. Starting with two historical characterizations of the field by the pioneers, it presents a set of capabilities for today's "Software Engineers". It also discusses the need for licensing Software Development Professionals.

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